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The first thing that comes to mind when people think about saving money while shopping is the popular auction site Ebay. While you can find bargains there and while you can even find low priced things regularly. By the time you factor in the shipping cost and the price of using the PayPal that they have imbedded so deeply into the transactions you can actually save money by buying it locally at a full priced retail store.

There is always Craig’s List as well but here you never know what you are getting and you have to meet people so you are not really adding any convenience to your life and you are opening yourself to some dangers since there has been a lot of issues with violence from that site when people get robbed, mugged and killed. So there is a chance that you might want to pass on this one as well.

So what is a person to do if they are looking for a legitimate online bargain place to make the purchases? Well, the quickest and easiest that I have located is at When you go there you will see that everything is just a dollar. Yes, Ebay is featured here but the main difference is that you don’t have to waste hours and hours sifting thorough countless categories and literally thousands upon thousands of items to find that single item you are after.

Most of the online dollar places are similar in that they are simple to navigate and give you phenomenal bargains. For example if you were looking to find music of some type for a birthday of some long forgotten half cousin of your aunt and you want to be cool but cheap. You would click on a music link, that will open up some more options like CD, Records, Cassette, DVD etc. Then you would click CD and then up pops everything that is a CD under the $1.00 price point. You can then look them over or refine the search by Artist or some other advanced tool like maybe you are looking to spend fifty cents. You get the picture. The whole site is geared around cheap and quick and easy shopping.

The online dollar stores resemble the local dollar store in name but the online stores are a lot easier to get around in and will let you find what you are after better than a physical store and you can even shop this one 24 hours a day. Try that at your local dollar store.

The ease of use, the savings and the diversity of worlds wide shopping from the comfort of your home office makes this store and style of shopping something that has a real chance of even putting the brick and mortar dollar stores out of business. As more people look to save money and the cost of gas continues to spiral out of control, options like these make more than sense they actually start making dollars, pardon the pun.
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